How Much NFL Players Make Per Season

If you aspire to play for the National football league (NFL), it is essential to know how much you can earn a player. The NFL is a competitive league, and only the top stars earned awesome pays each season. The NFL comprises of 32 professional teams. Every year there are nearly 300 new opportunities for new players to join the league. Only players with talent are recruited. It is also important to note that the average NFL career spans for around 2.6 years. This is to indicate, if you are earning a fantastic pay each season it may not last for long as compared to other sport careers.


Each team in the NLF has a maximum limit of 53 players, with only 32 teams in the league; the total number of players cannot exceed 1.696. Players who get opportunities to play in the NFL earn a good salary per season. This means it is only very few get selected to join the NFL.

In an ordinary season, each team has 16 matches to play in 17 weeks. Besides each team must play four preseason games. On average a player on the NLF league will earn $2milion in a year. But top stars can make much more, take the example of Quarterback Matthew of Detroit Lions who landed a five year $135 million contract. This earned him the title of the top paid player in the history of the NFL. Not all players will qualify to be top stars in the NFL in their careers, it is important to work on the average yearly earnings for the players. To earn the best in NFL, you must combine talent with discipline and handwork.

You can comfortably take home $7500 per week or close to $125,000 in a season if you’re a selected to play in the practice squad.

Been a player in the NFL is a dream of many high school and college students. It is possible to get substantive financial rewards and recognition as a star while still young. Though some players get selected to play in the NFL while in high school, most players gain entry into the league at college levels. The National Collegiate Athletics’ association estimates the number of football players in the colleges at around 70,000. And of this number only 250 got access to join the NFL in the last season. The NLF does not spell out any educational qualifications necessary to join the league, but you must at least be in high school or college to join the league.

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Though the average salary for NFL players is estimated at $2 million, the median pay for the players is at $860,000 per year. If you consider a team with eleven players, and one star is earning $25million, yet the rest earn $50,000 what will be the average salary for each player? It will be less than what the media report as the average salary for NFL players per season. As we look at the average salary for the NFL players, we should also consider the median salary which is a more reflective pay for a regular NLF player.

The average pay for NFL players stated as $2 million has been popularized by the media, but it is not actually what ordinary players earn.

Salaries for most NFL players continue to rise and peak at 26 years of age. The average career of players in the NFL is between 5-7 years. The profession can be cut short at any time due to injuries. Therefore if you are successful in joining the NFL, plan to retire early and invest early too. Football is entirely different from other sports.