5 Photo Editing Tips for Stunning Portraits

With the hundreds of photo editing tools out there, photographers can now transform what was regarded as a boring photo into something stunning. All a good photographer has to do is to make use of photo editing and change a few things on the photo.

Portrait photography on the other hand is one of the most complicated type of photography. However from a number of sleeklens features review, it is clear that you can make a portrait stand out. This post will look into some of the photo editing tips that will transform a portrait.

1. Frame the subject

Framing is one of the common techniques used by photographers to attract attention to one element of the photo by framing it with another. This is an easy editing tip that can make a photo stand out.What this does is that it gives an image some depth and draws the eyes of the viewers to center of attraction in the image. Framing can either be photoshoped or you can simply do it during the shoot. To do that, you need to have the subject in a window or doorway and let them look through a small gap.


2. Change the background

The background of the photo has a huge impact on the subject. Although the key interest here is the person in the portrait, when you put them into different contexts with different backgrounds you will drastically change the mood of the photo.

If you have a too busy background, you can minimalize it through editing. There are also times when a dramatic or colorful background make a subject stand out. So it all depends on the mood you want the picture to portray.

3. Change the format framing

A good number of photographers get stuck in a rut of only shooting in portrait mode when the camera is held vertically or in landscape when the camera is held horizontally. When you go through images, you will notice which one you use predominantly.

With a proper editing tool, you can try mixing up framing if you missed that during the shooting to add some variety to images.

4. Fill the frame

The subject should be able to get the attention of the viewers to the portrait. The best way to ensure that is achieved is by filling the frame with the subject’s face. If you missed that during the shoot you can easily zoom in the image during photo editing and ensure the face is truly the key feature of the entire photo.

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5. Play with the colors

Black and white portraits are common and some only stand out because of their quality. But you can play with colors and make colored portraits stand out. If for instance the person is wearing a necklace or lipstick, you can exaggerate that part and make it the center of attraction. This will draw more attention to the photo quite easily. In the case of a black and white portrait, you can choose to color the necklace or the lips