Safety On The Devil's Whip
OR Any Steep, Winding Mountain Road


Yeah, we know safety's a dirty word we go. We care about EVERYONE'S safety out on WNC roads. It doesn't matter whether you're onThe Tail of The Dragon®, the Cherohala, The Diamondback, Moonshiner 28, The Snake or The Devil's Whip®, safety is first and foremost. It may not be cool to talk about but we would really like for you to return to WNC and ride another day.



"If you can not control your vehicle within the confines of a single lane then you must slow down. End of story, debate over.", The Snake/Mulholland/Rock Store Photographers

The Devil's Whip is a very steep, tight, and highly technical stretch of road with guardrails waiting to chew you up and sheer drop offs just on the other side of those rails. You have almost no room for error. We see cars AND motorcycles every day crossing the double yellow line even in blind curves! Even though it's rare, on occasion there are view blocking, 18 wheelers, RVs, and campers.

The ride really begins when you reach the "SCHOOL BUS TURNAROUND" sign aka "Learning Curve". Until you get there, you're traveling through neighborhoods - some with hidden driveways. Ride through them with respect for the residents. We really want EVERYONE to continue enjoying the road JUST AS IT IS NOW.

We've been asked what's the best direction to ride The Whip - North to South or South to North. If you've never ridden the road, PLEASE consider traveling South to North (from the intersection of US 70 and NC 80).

"If you can't keep it in your lane, keep it in your driveway."

- Blind Kenny


Why Blind Kenny Is There?

We're there to provide you with professional, poster quality shots documenting you out doing what you love - riding! Speed does not lead to better pictures. The smoother you ride without pushing your limits, the better the photo. We both use very slow shutter speeds so any corrections you make will blur the shot. Put simply, the smoother and safer you ride, the better the shots.

As Rock Store Photos states about The Snake/Mulholland Drive, California,
"The best way we can ensure that we will all have continued access to this amazing stretch of road is to drive safely and responsibly....Remember to share the road with the many bicyclists who also enjoy this area."


One Last Word!!

No matter what names you choose to call the many great roads in WNC, remember they are one of our most special resources! Let's all work together to help keep them beautiful and clean. We constantly see drivers throwing their trash out on the roadsides!

North Carolina maintains a "litterbug" tip line. The NC DOT notifies the violator by letter that they've been seen littering. NO TICKET IS ISSUED - Just a warning and strong ENCOURAGEMENT not to litter. All you need is their tag number; YOUR NAME IS NEVER GIVEN OUT. The website is:

Thank you for helping keep WNC roads beautiful!!