How Much NBA Players Make Per Season

Players in the National basketball association (NBA) receive attractive players. Stars and those who have served for long receive the highest amounts. Though several factors determine their pay, the pay isn’t fixed it changes from time to time. Like the recent TV deal between the NBA and TNT & ESPN worth $24 billion.


Increased revenues have raised NBA’s salary cap to aroung$99 million in 2018. Based on the CBA, players will receive nearly half of the total NBA revenue. This means that 42 players will be paid at least $20 in 2018 season.

The amount of money each player takes home as salary is determined by several factors that include;

• Players years of experience in the league

• Fouls and rebounds

• Assists

• Hollinger’s PER

• And 3- Point shots

In the past season (2017-2018), Stephen Curry was the highest paid star earning $34.7 million, followed by LeBron with $33.3 million. More than 27 players in the league made more than $23 million in the past season.


The National basketball association has a salary cap. This places a limit on the amount of money each team can spend in playing players. The limit relies on NBA’s total revenue in each season. Though NBA sets a limit on what teams spend as salaries for their players, the teams can exceed the limit without facing any penalties.

The salary cap is enshrined in the CBA between the NBA and the players. The salary cap changes each year. For example, the salary cap for 2016-2017 was $ 94.14 million with a luxury tax if more than $113.29, inn2011-2018 it is $99 million and a luxury tax if more than $119.

Teams pay penalties to the league if they exceed the set limits. To include exceptions to the salary cap, the cap at which penalties are charged to teams usually is higher than the set salary cap.

The salary payable to each player is based on the salary cap and the total number of years the player has been in the league. For example, a player with 6 or fewer years in the league will receive either $25.5 million or 25% of the salary cap for 2017-2018 whichever amount is greater. For players with seven to nine years, the maximum pay will rise to $ 30.6 million or 30% of 2017-2018 salary cap. The maximum pay for 2017-2018 is 354 of the salary cap or 35.7million. An exception to this limit exists, where a team can allow a player to earn 105% of their previous season’s contract.


Besides their salaries, players get awesome pays from deals they have signed for their shoes. In this season, around 11 players will earn more than $9 million from sneaker shoe deals. LeBron James and Stephen Curry are the two top earners in the league. Since joining the NBA In 2003, LeBron has all along been in the Nikes stable, besides he has a lifetime contract with Oregon and Beaverton which could enable him to make more than $1 billion.

Kevin Durant ranks third in the NBA League list of top paid basketball stars. Russel Westbrook and James Harden complete the top five list of NBA top earners.